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Top 8 Most Challenging Free Online Puzzle Games to Play

Wishing to kill your time by some free and exciting online puzzle games? The limit to this large number of free multi-level puzzle games is found nowhere. Challenge yourself with varying puzzle games from physics to word, math or logic. Find your favorite in this perfect list right now. We’ve compiled a list of the seven most addictive and funniest free online puzzle games for you to discover. They will keep you glued to the computer screen. Try one level after another. Give your brain and mind a relaxing workout, and some fun while in game.

1. Doodle God 

All combination in Doodle God

Doodle God is still a unique game since being first launched. Start this exciting puzzle game with four main elements including wind, earth, water, and fire. And then, discover 111+ different elements through several combinations, creating some of the best and most insane aspects of life. Look for online games pc play here!

2. Armor Picross 2

Puzzle heads - rejoice here! Hundreds of levels of this puzzle game will satisfy your cravings.  Enjoy the latest title, an all-time favorite that may never go out of style. One of the most popular Picross products comes with cheesy music. 

Five mistakes will force you to begin the adventure all over again. Enjoy 100 levels along with five levels of difficulty. 

3. Super Stack 2

Super Stacker 2 is back, but with some amazing upgrades for you to try. With 40 new levels, revamped graphics, and four speedruns for you to have a go at, will you learn to stack all the shapes without falling off the computer screen? 

Stack the shapes.

Manage your stack to survive for at least 10 seconds. Alternatively, protect the blocks until they feel happy enough not to fall. Remember to check out this game’s predecessor: Super Stackers.

4. Perfect Balance 2

A slightly unique approach for stacking. In Perfect Balance 2, utilize a long series of shapes to rotate, pick up, and balance them. Never forget checking out its predecessor! Clear all the shapes, and again try to balance excellently in the fantastic puzzle! Go through all 100 levels! Control the stack by the A and D keys to rotate your selected shapes. Use your gaming mouse for all the rest.

» Find it here:

5. Doodle Physics

This gravity-defying game was designed for a satisfying experience in stacking. This game is aimed at stacking different shapes in the outer space. Doodle Physics is an entirely new and innovative approach to Physics learning. 

Covered with the whole Leaving Certificate Physics course designed in graphic format, this game is appealing to students to make their learning more accessible and enjoyable. The visually attractive and humorous learning support will aid students to retain and understand information through all sections. Enjoy options in both ordinary and higher level, and the entire experiments.

6. Rotate and Roll

Exit the bubbles.

This fun game is for children of all ages with a suitable combination of puzzles and physics. The game’s objective is to manage the balls, so they exit the bubbles at the right time. Some levels may require the players to collect at least a star to make the exit bubble activated. Make use of the arrow keys to rotate the levels.  Enjoy this family-friendly challenge, kids! Don’t miss it!

7. Cog Factory

Release the matching cogs into a prepared machine nearby each other. Every three gears of the similar color lined will make all of them disappear. Never let the wheels overflow if you don’t want your game to end. Utilize the arrow keys to rotate your machine, and the spacebar to release the gears. Group the same-colored wheels together!

Once several alike cogs are adjacent, they will automatically connect to the fast machine in the background. As you progress and upgrade through different levels, you will have sprocket spirals increased concerning number. And, the 'machine' also gets built better. Carefully define the cog to send down the spiral-plan ahead. The players have limited time right before the wheel gets ejected quickly from the cogenerator. So, think quick and look out for the power-ups. All of them are extremely useful whenever you need them.

8. Chroma Circuit

Choose a piece randomly and drag it instantly to rotate clockwise. Drag left if you want to switch it counter-clockwise. Rotate others pieces so that each separate color in the game level can match up with its neighboring parts. Please note that, enable the “Patterns” mode if you have difficulty seeing the different colors.

Rotate the shapes to join the matching colors together. Try to minimize the number of your moves to each level. The Chroma Circuit game will provide the gamers with a tricky and compelling puzzle challenge. Having completed all 18 levels of gameplay, the players must rotate all elements to join all the same colors together.

Challenge yourself with compelling puzzles.

Easy, right? But first, wait until you can discover all massive levels in Chroma circuit. In Phase 2, elements transferred with new colors will be an exciting addition to the typical color matching. Challenge your special memory now! Rotate one item can change another color in a different section of the level!

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Last but not least, the brightly frustrating bomb elements will be introduced in phase 3. Only one wrong move may take you to the beginning of the level with an explosive burst. Just match the colors. And then, solve the puzzle with your beloved family and friends now! Brain-bending! 


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Re: Top 8 Most Challenging Free Online Puzzle Games to Play

As of this point, mantigames is not tested in Safe Web. 

Also, no one here likes puzzle games; we even question why they exist in the first place.  There, i said it. 

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Re: Top 8 Most Challenging Free Online Puzzle Games to Play

I like to play doodle God and rotate and roll.


Re: Top 8 Most Challenging Free Online Puzzle Games to Play

Hey, check out this short mind puzzle games on I like especially Color match and Pairs

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