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Korean website lacks any alternative UI

Hi this is my first post to these forums. If I have posted in the wrong place I hope a moderator will kindly move my post to where it will be most effective. Customer Service recommended that I post about my situation here so here it is. I have also attached the word file I wrote for customer service in order that it might make their job easier and also make it easier for Expats in South Korea to renew or subscribe to Norton's products.

For some reason, I assume perhaps some financial or other regulation imposed by the government of S. Korea that Norton's may only be purchased in Korea when you are residing there. I first ran into this problem many years ago and at that time thanks to Norton's customer service we found a work around. I had expected that since so many years had passed that this situation would have been rectified. It was not. When my credit card expired I needed to enter the new information for my new card in order to keep the auto-renewal functioning. I did so and I thought, great, antivirus taken care of for another 3 years, then 9 days before renewal I get an email telling me there is a problem and to update my information. I tried to but was continuously forced to the Korean website which also would not accept my information initially, but with persistence and Google Translate I prevailed.

There is absolutely no reasonable reason in this day and age(especially for a company heavily involved in technology) that the Korean website user interface not to have a multilingual interface. Even more so since if a non-Korean speaking customer wants to order a Norton's product, and is not allowed to use an alternative site that provides service in their native language.

Thankfully, I won't have to face this issue again for at least another 3 years, I really hope by that time you have fixed this problem or persuaded the Korean government to relax their regulations at least to allow foreigners in Korea to access services in their own languages. Anything less is highly discriminatory.