Ce sujet a besoin d'une solution.


I dumped cable ($215.00/Month with no premium channels!!) I now have a wireless data connection @ $29.99/mo.and Amazon Prime Firestick @ $6.35/mo.(it is less because I am disabled) I am looking to add something with live TV & Sports. Some people told me to get KODI  for the Firestick but everything seems shady & downright illegal. If I decide to go with HULU LIVE TV or FUBO or one of the others do I have any reason to use my Norton VPN for my firestick? I don't understand why I would need it especially since I am not doing anything illegal. BTW this little data receiver (yes it is legal too) handles my computer, cell phone, Alexa and my 42 inch HDTV @ 1080P with no issues at all and no buffering delays ever. It is better, faster and the picture is clearer than the cable company's internet at one third the cost. I couldn't be happier that I cut the cord. So the question is do I really need to use my Norton VPN with my Amazon Firestick ?