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Norton Mobile Security for Android has now been released!

[Updated on 25th December]

We have released Norton Mobile Security for our Android customers.

This build contains the fix for an issue where customers were shown intermittent & false ‘Ransomware Detected’ notifications - Thread


We have released Norton Mobile Security 4.4 for Android customers in all supported languages. 

To receive the update, simply visit Norton Mobile Security for Android.

Note: This is phased release.

The FAQ below tries to answer some common questions:

1. What is the version number for this patch?

    *    Norton Mobile Security

2. What's new in Version

  • Fixed a crash issue with
  • Simplified user experience to redeem a subscription within My Norton in NMS
  • Purchase flow starts when user taps “Renew Now” button
  • Introduced New Wi-Fi MiTM (man-in-the-middle) Threat Detections
    • DNS Spoofing
    • Suspicious Network Hardware
  • Expanded Spam Call protection to India
  • Improved Spam & Fraud call protection by adding smart pattern blocking and providing block call statistics across Norton premium users (US & India Only)
  • Expanded Spam Call protection to India
  • Updated Branding & Other Norton App Names
    • New Norton + Lifelock on About screen
    • Updated NMS End User License Agreement screen and App Icon throughout the app. Updated product names for all cross-referral references
          Norton Secure VPN name has been updated.
  • Under-the-hood changes, bug fixes and performance improvements

3. Where can I post my queries?

Visit Norton Mobile Security Support Forum to post your queries. Also, visit Norton Mobile KB site to view the Top Solutions for this product.