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Smart Firewall address range

From what I've read on Norton Smart Firewall Traffic Rules, you can allow or block, [Any Computer], or [Any Computer on Local Subnet], or [A Specific Domain Name], or [Address], or [range of addresses]. And any rule higher on the rule list readout overrides any rule(s) below it.

So say on given traffic rule I want to block all addresses outside my sub-net (in front of the NAT gateway) but allow all addresses on the local Lan.

So then any range outside of the below private address range are public internet addresses. IP addresses: -- IP addresses: -- IP addresses: –

So my question is how to math out what those ranges are?

But also seems like a large range of filter would slow the process (?).

Maybe better to put 2 rules on the rule list with Allow or Block respectively(?).

I.e. an Allow Local Sub-net Rule on the list above a Block rule to Any Computer (?).