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Device names don't match up in my.norton.com

Device names like Joe's iPhone or even Sallys iPhone end up under my.norton.com as a different device and get warnings that the device is not protected even though the Norton Security is installed on it.  Those show either as a different name or the same name.  So if there is an apostrophe in the name, when signing up with Norton Security, it all works fine, when Family installs it removes it.  But I even renamed devices without the apostrophe and still adds a separate device.    When I look under the warning for the device it is that there is no Securty installed and it's available to be installed.  Likewise when I look at the device that is green, it shows Security is installed, and also that I could add Family.    So it's all out of sync.   I spent a long time trying to get everything in line but it just doesn't work.  These are all iOS products with the issue (iPhone and iPad).

Is this something you guys need to fix?



Re: Device names don't match up in my.norton.com


Welcome to Norton Family forums!

It appears that Norton Security and Norton Family are not aware of each other being present on the same device in "My Norton" which should not be the case ideally and that is possibly the reason for showing up as 2 devices. The device and child are protected though. We will investigate further from our end on why 2 devices show up in My Norton.

It is recommended that you have both Norton products on your child's device for security and child safety.

Best regards,

Norton Family team!