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2 Active Accounts

I contacted Norton re my subscriptions as they were charging for 2 active accounts with only 1 device. This had been going on for years. They gave me a small refund and closed 1 active account . I then asked to add my laptop to the active account (so 2 devices) but Norton wanted more $$. So I went to a different vendor purchased their product for my laptop. The very next day I get an email offering a free upgrade to 360 for 3 Devices!!! So when my Nortong expires in 2020 I will cancel-- After 15 years + with Norton Pretty sad really.

Not happy man

Thématiques: Auto Renewal, Norton 360



Re: 2 Active Accounts


That offer is for  the New N360. It is a newer product than the old line of products. Sorry about the issues you have had.

Have a Good Night and


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