Norton Account - manage new keys and subs

Another year another new renewal and transfer I had to do via Customer Support. While chat is OK for this, it is getting repetitive every year to renew my key via chat so that it cascades new subscription to all devices as not currently able to do this through Norton Account. At the moment, Norton Account lets me revoke / delete licenses from devices but that is as far as it allows. In this day and age surely I should be able to add a key to my account and then assign existing devices to the key / subscription? After all, it lets me revoke devices centrally / remotely / manually so is it so difficult to let me authorize and assign?


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Re: Norton Account - manage new keys and subs

When you open a device in the Account online Review devices list, you can enter a new key for the device. On the physical computer Remote management must be active then in Management settings. So what you want is possible, but a bit more complicated.

But you are right : I would rather have it the other way around, entering a new key and directly adding devices to it or even copying them from the old key. Much easier!!

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