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Norton system tray icon greyed out on startup

PC with Win7sp1, Norton Security Suite. I recently had a very odd attack against my PC, probably resulting from opening a >very< realistic email apparently from Gearbox Software. FIrst sign of trouble was that Norton was gone from the system tray. Couldn't start Norton, Malwarebytes free, the Steam client, or Corel Paint Shop Pro. Worked with a Norton chat agent to clean up Norton and reinstall it. Had to reinstall the others to get them working again. A subsequent full scan with Norton found and quarantined instances of "Ransom.CryptXXX" and "Trojan.Gen.2". These were found in files that had been on the computer for years, which various scans had never found problems with. It appears that “Ransom”, at least, was discovered years after the infected file was saved to my computer. The PC now actually runs much better, however; the periodic FF browser and system drag-downs I have had problems with for a couple of months are gone. Problem now is, Norton's system tray icon comes up greyed out. I have to start the application from the desktop icon or start menu before the icon comes on normally.


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Re: Norton system tray icon greyed out on startup

Hi. This issue has been covered in a previous thread.


Windows 10 Home X 64

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