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VPN product key suggestion/feedback

I have Norton VPN installed on my mobile device. I wanted to renew it, so I bought the one year/one device package at the store. It comes with a product key to use for renewing. But there is no place on the VPN app to use the product key. There's a few places where you can renew the app, but then it leads you to Billing info, which I didn't want since I already had a product key.

I had to spend some time looking online and the only site I saw was this:

But that didn't even help, because I didn't have those options anyway.

On the Norton Mobile app, it is very clear. There's a Renew button (I think in settings), then offers options (subscription, product key etc)-very clear and simple. It even tells you how many days left are on your account. It should be the same for the VPN app. 

I posted this problem on the board a few days ago, and another poster agreed there was no place to use your product key, so he suggested I call customer service; which I did and it worked. But I find it frustrating that Norton sells a product for renewal but makes it difficult to actually use it. I shouldn't have to look online or call customer service each time I want to renew.