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Bitcoin/Blackmail/Sextortion Scam Emails

Okay so like millions of people I have been periodically receiving the known Bitcoin/Blackmail/Sextortion scam emails. You know it's the one where they send you your name and an old password in the subject line and then try to scam you into sending bitcoin monies because they have installed maleware on the computer and video'ed you doing the nasty on a porn site. That's all BS and even though the language is rather menacing in the emails, they are kind of funny to read. What bothers me is the claim at the bottom about these emails is the text that bottom talking about embedding a special pixel into the email:

i'vę a special pīxel withīn this message, and now i knōw thât you hâve read thīs email

From what I've seen online, it is possible to embed transparent pixels in an email and track the downloaded image. Is this something I should be concerned about? I consume my email from a browser and obviously theses emails are not being filtered by my email provider. Should I be worried about these people tracking my IP address or is there some other danger presented by these pixels? FWIW, I never open attachements and that sort thing. I was hoping to find some articles or information on email pixels on this or other security sites as to whether this is a real threat and what precautions should be taken.