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[Feature Request] [Password Manager] Add Notes field to Login item


Norton Password Manager (NPM) allows import from LastPass vault. But during import NPM skips some important LastPass's fields like Notes and we have information loss in the result.

LastPass exports its vault with the following fields:


"Extra" is a Note. It's a super convenient place to keep secret questions or other account-related information.

"Grouping" is like a folder or tag to group items. NPM supports tags but doesn't import them.

"Fav" stands for favorite, this is handy to see your favorite items first in the whole list.

At the moment Extra is critical but missing field in NPM that prevents many members of Norton Community to migrate from LastPass to NPM. 


Please extend NPM with the fields listed above and update the import procedure accordingly. 

Btw, I'm not asking to tune NPM to make it the clone of LastPass. The same fields are also present in other popular password managers like KeePass. So what I'm asking is to improve NPM a bit to support some "standard" features of password managers at the market.