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Norton Security Online UI Will Not Open when Clicked

Greetings all

On a new build of WIN10 Pro x64 v2004, I have been trying to install Norton Security Online for weeks, repeating the cycle of Removal Tool (Remove Only) and Re-install at least 50 times.  Each time, the install would get stuck at "Connecting to Norton Server" then "Cannot Connect to Norton Server".  I then have to cancel the install and repeat the cycle ad nauseum.  I also deleted any files stored in C: ProgramFiles, C:ProgramFiles(x86) and C:ProgramData before each re-install attempt.  I even opened a case with Norton Support and have been waiting for 2 weeks for a callback from Level 2 support.

This morning, last ditch, I scoured my registry for anything and everything that mentioned Norton and deleted every key that I could.  I then rebooted my system and started the install.  HUZZAH!  I got through the entire installation, signed in, and thought I was golden.

I then performed a LiveUpdate which included the latest patch for v22.20.5.39.  All seemed well.

After the patch was applied, the Norton widget in the desktop systray disappeared (I do not have any hidden icons) and clicking on the Norton Security Online desktop shortcut does not open the app!  

I have restarted several times (fast boot disabled) with no change.  I see Norton Security and Norton Security WSC Service running in Task Manager, though using 0 CPU.  I see my PC license listed as active on the My Norton website.

I am at my wits end.  Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




Re: Norton Security Online UI Will Not Open when Clicked

I should also add that right clicking Norton Security in the Start Menu opens up the list of Norton tasks, but none of those work either.

I am concerned that Norton is not running and my machine is vulnerable.


Re: Norton Security Online UI Will Not Open when Clicked


I have sent you a private message requesting additional information. Could you please check your inbox when you get a chance? Thanks. 


Gayathri R | Norton Forums Global Community Administrator | Norton Lifelock

Re: Norton Security Online UI Will Not Open when Clicked

Hi Gayathri

I was able to reproduce the "Cannot Connect to Norton Server" issue while attempting another install.  I have uploaded the log files from Norton Installer for that.

Then, I:

1. Canceled the install

2. Ran Norton Remove Only

3. Deleted everything Norton from C: ProgramFiles, C:Program Data and C:Users/Public/Downloads

4. Ran RegEdit and deleted any keys/data that contained "Norton".  There were some that I could not delete.

5. Accessed My Norton and removed the license for my device.

6. Re-downloaded and re-installed NSO.  Contacted server, activated product (v22.20.2.57), was able to open the dashboard and perform a quick scan.  I have uploaded the Installer logs from this one too.

7. Re-booted my PC to verify that NSO still functioned normally.

8. Performed a LiveUpdate which downloaded patch for v22.20.5.39.  This time, I did not apply the patch immediately but chose the option to apply at reboot.

9. Rebooted my PC again.  NOS is working normally with new v22.20.5.39, and the Norton widget icon is located in my systray as it should be.

I do not know why this install finally worked as it should.  The only thing I did differently was NOT APPLY the patch immediately when downloaded.



Re: Norton Security Online UI Will Not Open when Clicked

jimklo. Last couple of version updates I have had, used 'Apply Now' as I have done for years, up came a Norton notification that it cannot be completed due to a certain Windows Process running with an instruction to stop that process or to carry on by doing a restart. That works but I did get the notification - is the same happening with you but the notification is not showing. Still on previous version of Norton & Windows 10 1909.