Ce sujet a besoin d'une solution.


My partner and i constantly (daily) receive what i assume is phishing emails supposedly from Norton, including invoice attachment.  we have deleted. we have blocked.  These emails are still being received every day.  we are pensioners, these are now becoming irritating, stressful and i see from google enquiries we cannot forward them to Norton.  what is the solution please?  i am sending this from my ipad and your system will not accept screenshot of the invoice. 



Re: Elsiemary

Hi valwells,

First, please see this Norton Support Doc Verify that an email you receive from Norton is legitimate

Second, do not open any attachment to these emails unless you've verified they are from Norton first.  You can check your My Norton account subscriptions and see all current and past invoicing from your account.  

If you have further concerns, you can contact Norton Support at the following link Contact Norton Support

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