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Norton boot time protection option AGGRESSIVE causing boot delays waits Windows 7 with ESU updates?

I run windows 7 sp1 pro with Norton Security, and all updates, and I have Windows 7 ESU (Extended Security Update) option active. 

Everything was running fine until after either Windows 7 ESU security roll up for May 2021 or Windows 7 ESU security roll up for June 2021, or it might have been Norton Security updates during that time.

Started to have 3 minute delays during startup (bootup), then after living with that, and searching logs, started to have long waits and startup errors in Windows 7 log.  Then had security not initializing, and other log errors.

Tried many things, many hours/days, and just before giving up, I remembered that I have always (even on my Windows XP machines) - Norton boot time protection option AGGRESSIVE.  Changed it to NORMAL and all runs fine.

Seems that Norton AGGRESSIVE hooking of Windows 7 pro SP1 is no longer correct after ESU updates at this level are applied, and causes wait, error, hangs, at startup (bootup).  I had been afraid that since my security fixes are still being shipped by Microsoft this might not be tested by Norton people. 

(Or for all I know, Norton doesn't work on any Windows 7 with AGGRESSIVE option at this level (time).)