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How to prevent Norton Secure VPN (blank window) from popping up and freezing on MacBook Air Big Sur foreground

Blank window entitled "Norton Secure VPN" appears every time I start Norton Secure VPN (manually or on startup) on my MacBook Air under Big Sur OS.  It overlays (but does not deactivate) the foreground screen beneath it.  This blank 2"x3" window can't be closed, moved, or minimized.  It disappears when I click Settings | Quit VPN from the title bar of the blank window, but so does my VPN protection.  Frustrating?  Yah!

When I uninstall, download, and reinstall VPN the problem goes away for awhile, but then it randomly recurs.  This has happened three times within one week ending 8/27/21. 

Could this be a configuration problem on my Mac, or a bug in VPN?  Please advise.  Thanks!