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Norton has been great about keeping my hardware clean but hasn't done anything to stop the hackers that are hurting me.

This probably won't make it to where anyone can read it as the hackers in my computer read everything and delete it before I send it.  This has happened twice this morning.  I want to tell you that Norton is not keeping my email safe, I don' know if they can.  The hackers are "sync" ing my email and they hack my passwords because they want to know what's happening.  They took all the files and downloaded them from Norton so they could put their variations on them or customize them to their liking.  They got my debit card number and purchased this years VPN that Norton says is not in my machine but it's somewhere for these guys to access and become administrators over my computer.   I verified this with the Apple Store.  They took out the VPN service from either Apple or Norton in 2019 (A Norton product sold by Apple and a five year subscription)   I knew they had VPN but when they checked my system, they found no VPN.  I don't understand computers so I can't tell where the truth lies. But they took administrative controls and locked me out of my hardware and software as their discretion. This is my equipment and software.  My Internet. My money and my phone they seem to think they can use and abuse. They took over my printer and turned it back into wireless so they had remote access to it and the Web.  We fought last night for over 20 minutes I would make it USB and they would make it wireless.  They then turned off my access to my internet.  They actually removed my hardware from the operating system.  They put it back in a few hours but if they don't want me doing something they will stop me. I have been throw out of one bank and this bank has been helpful to work with me but I have to keep changing accounts.  I can't have my own emails because they read and determine whether I should receive the email or if they will keep it from me until a date in which is might hurt me even more.  Censorship is not their right.  I got Norton 350/Lifelock to stop these people.  They sent emails to Norton that I forgot my password. Norton replied with password creation.  Then when I put in my password it was wrong and they were going to lock me out of my account.  Then the hackers cancelled my subscription.  I found that email and shot an email to Norton to stop the cancellation and know that I plan on keeping them until I feel safe.   I found a pop-up one morning and went to block it.  When I got to that page I found 122 files that the hackers had copied mine and Norton's  of sensitive and personal information, credit reports, medical records, etc.  I contacted Norton they don' believe that I have hackers but every morning when I get up and start my computer my safe start up page has been dismissed or changed.  I didn't do it!  I plan on using my computer for work in the near future but it has to be safe and secure because I will be working with files that must be kept secret.  I got an overdraft with their VPN renewal and I expect it to be paid too.  I want secure email.  I sent a note to the Microsoft Corporation yesterday stating that they shouldn't be issuing license to people that say they a honest and will protect privacy but instead steal people's identities.  In my phone I found 91 of their contacts and people they work with.  I have been through three computers, 7 phones, 3 printers and I am not buying anymore.  I need help. I sent reports to the FBI, Federal Trade Commission, Attorney General of my state, local police, frozen my credit bureau reports and social security numbers and no one will help me.  I have moved and tried to start a new life but they won't leave me alone.  HELP.


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Re: Norton has been great about keeping my hardware clean but hasn't done anything to stop the hackers that are hurting me.

I just went through this with Norton two weeks ago and they say that I cannot be hacked through Norton they hacked my Norton account and added two factor authenticator and then I could not get into my accounts. Also same thing with pass words Norton was sending the passwords to the hackers authenticator.

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