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I am using Norton Etherium pool with my Nvidea RTX 2060 GPU.

It says I have a hashrate of 27.44.

Is this decent performance for my video card? 

Sorry for the noob question, but I'm new at this.

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Re: Hash Rate

That is right in line with what we would expect out of a RTX 2060.


Re: Hash Rate

No.  That is not in line with what you should expect.  The problem is that Norton is not reporting the hash rate correctly.

Right now, my mining rig is reporting to completely different hash rates, in the app, and in the cloud. In the Norton Crypto app on my PC, it is reporting a hash rate of 27 MH/s.  In my Norton cloud wallet it si reporting a hash rate of 55 MH/s for that same exact rig. The cloud wallet is reporting double that of what the app is reporting.  

Bottom line, this program is so glitchy and messed up, nobody knows what anything is. Just a while ago, the app was reporting that all my earnings for the two weeks were gone. LOL!  

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Re: Hash Rate


The GTX 1660p should see ~26GH/s and the most accurate measurement is in the client itself since that is pulled directly from the miner so the estimate there is also in line.

You did however catch us during a small upgrade to our API layer which didn't affect mining or payments which caused us to show 0 in both the portal and endpoint experience. I can assure you pending payments processing was still working as we are monitoring very closely. Now we have dramatically increased our scale capabilities in that area and should no longer be an issue.

The portal experience is not totally in sync with the endpoint  due to how shares are summarized however if we take the workload and average it over time it would match what the endpoint is showing. We are investigating potential options to bring both of those in line.

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