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I received an e-mail offer from Norton for Norton 360 deluxe for £13.99 bot can’t find a way to accept and download this offer

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Re: E-mail offer

After ensuring this email is a legitimate Norton email, if there is a link in the email for the renewal, you should click on that.

Is this email from Norton legitimate?

If there is no link, contact Norton Support and ask them to apply that renewal price for you. 


Re: E-mail offer

Hi, thanks for your advice but no link to get to offer and as for contacts through their website I think I would have more chance contacting Jesus Christ. So got on Argos website and went for their offer of £14.99 for same Norton 360 deluxe.

thanks anyway.


Re: E-mail offer

Received an offer for Norton 360 Platinum for $39.99 for first year with a link that brought me to Norton. 

Problem 1 - Web site would not accept the coupon code from the email, so contacted customer support.

Problem 2 - Customer support told me Platinum no longer available and tried to sell me a $44.99 subscription.  

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