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Firefox, Edge, and Chrome browsers do not provide the Norton AntiTrack add-on

As in Title.

I haven't been able to install Norton AntiTrack on my browsers for a while. Browsers do not allow Norton AntiTrack to be installed.

Norton 360 Deluxe AntiTrack has stopped working in my application and I cannot change my settings.

In my account, Norton AntiTrack is closed with no possibility to edit the settings.

I propose a refund for the defective product and guaranteed 24/7 assistance that doesn't work as promised. The tech support promise is a fiction because in my country there is a list of other access to help. There is no question of what is in the contract here.

Finally, I will say that the return pay will be, in my opinion, the capitulation of a company that I have valued for years. I hope that it will not come to this because I will be forced to give up this product. I would prefer to avoid it because I'm related to Norton since version 4.0.I'm just sick of it what is happening now.