Conflict between "other" VPN and Norton software?

In an attempt to troubleshoot Norton's VPN, I uninstalled and reinstalled the software. When setting the VPN up a second time on my MacBook, I received the "NEIKEv2Provider" keychain login password request. I do not know my keychain password, and have changed my admin password multiple times after setting the original one, so it does not match the keychain password. I am unwilling to reset my keychain and lose all of my stored passwords, so I cannot use Norton's VPN on my MacBook, according to Norton customer service.

As that is the case, I am going to purchase VPN software from another company (after uninstalling Norton's). I wish to know whether a different co.'s VPN software will interfere with my other Norton subscriptions, such as Device Security, Privacy Monitor and Lifelock. I did not receive a straight answer to this question during my 45-minute "chat" with Norton employees. 

I have posed this question to the VPN provider, and await an answer, but would like an answer from the Norton end, also.

Might anyone on the forum know whether using another company's VPN product will interfere with Norton's software? Many thanks for your help.


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Re: Conflict between "other" VPN and Norton software?

Norton products don't care what VPN you are using. Use whichever one you want.


Re: Conflict between "other" VPN and Norton software?

Thanks for your response. I checked with my new VPN provider before I purchased a subscription. It requires no personal information or access to my passwords. In speaking to Norton support, I have been told that the keychain password requirement comes from Apple. I am not well-versed in computer software, etc., but if this is so, I wonder why other VPNs do not have this requirement? (To my limited knowledge.)

It is unfortunate that Norton's invasive update precludes my use of their VPN product, for which I have paid. I would not have purchased Norton's software if the keychain password requirement was in place when I subscribed.

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