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Auto fill not working in Password Manager on my Pixel 6 phone

I purchased a new Pixel 6 earlier this year and have had issues with autofill not working from day one. I have contacted Norton support on numerous occasions and have been greatly disappointed by their lack of effort in resolving my problem. I keep getting told that my issue has been escalated to a level 2 and that someone would call me back to resolve my issue. I never get the call. What terrible customer service.

Can anyone help me?? I have tried all the basci fixes but nothing works.



Re: Auto fill not working in Password Manager on my Pixel 6 phone

Hi @georosnc

Sorry for the experience in customer support.

We need some more info to diagnose this issue.

Can you please provide below details?
​​​​Android Version:
Norton Password Manager App version: 
Which App/Browser is not working or tried to fill, If in Browser, please share in which website you tried?:

Some first level checklist you can verify:
- Both Accessibility and Autofill service enabled for Norton Password Manager
- Draw over app permission granted for Norton Password Manager
- Vault has Logins for the website/app you are trying to Autofill

Also you can try uninstall and reinstall Norton Password Manager app, then enabling Accessibility and Autofill service. (Please be sure to remember Vault password before uninstall and reinstall, if you are currently using Biometric to unlock the Vault)

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