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Norton Anti-track doesn't work on my device

I just paid for and downloaded the Norton AntiTrack.   It did nothing!  In fact, 2 sites popped up that I had to get out of while trying to get here to type this message.  Please Help!   I have tried everything to get rid of these pop-ups!

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Re: Norton Anti-track doesn't work on my device

Regarding Anti Track, it blocks trackers, not popups that are 'enabled as wanted'. Try turning of your Chrome and Edge Browser notifications: Right bottom on the right of the time there is an icon that shows you the notifications on the right side of the screen. On top there is a button called Manage Notifications. In there turn off edge and chrome. Let me know if it works.

Re: Norton Anti-track doesn't work on my device

Linda Wiencek:

I have tried everything to get rid of these pop-ups!

What pop-ups? 
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