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Helpful Suggestion on Auto Renewal Process

If Norton is going to ding subscribers' credit cards a month before their subscriptions expire, here's an idea:

Send a "heads-up" to the subscriber a week or so before you intend to ding their credit card to remind them you are about to renew the subscription. And, suggest to the subscriber that they review (and update, if necessary) their credit card information before the subscription is renewed.

Many companies a fraction of the size of Norton (and, not nearly as "high tech") already do this. It saves time and aggravation for both the company and the subscriber.

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Re: Helpful Suggestion on Auto Renewal Process

  • Norton sends (for annually recurring subscriptions) email notice (with price, term, and related details) usually about 30-45 days before current term expiry. 
  • Users report Norton pulls recurring subscription payment usually about 30-45 days before current term expiry. 
  • Users report approx 30-45 days before current term expire...not being able to change Automatic Renewal Service setting. 

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Re: Helpful Suggestion on Auto Renewal Process

FWIW!!! Who wants to "Learn More" about subscription renewals or related details when the issue is what we already know? That is, companies are pandering the falsehood where renewal 30 days or more BEFORE the expiration, is customer facing good, and, a win/win for both. Its not. A simple e-mail 7 days prior to the expiration, as the OP has highlighted, is sufficient. Allow the customer to make the decision whether to renew or not renews of their own accord.

Another corporate annoyance, as in my case, was where a company, recently dinged a debit card 4 months before renewal of MY membership, I've NEVER had a payment method on their website nor auto-renewal enabled. HERE, is the kicker!! The debit card was my daughter's not mine, she made a purchase back in December under my membership so the company unnamed, just used the card info from that purchase, to renew April 1st. Seriously!!  And making matters even worse than they were, they blamed HER. Said company, isn't listening to this customer about that issue in any way. I HOPE, Norton does with the renewal processes going forward. 


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