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Is Norton 360 standard good fit for the Iphone 13 pro max

Good day to all who are reading this, I go by the nickname of highpockets and I'm not really looking for a solution yet, but more some advice, I'm getting ready to buy the Iphone 13 pro max as a birthday present to myself, and I'm very interested in purchasing a software suite for this device as another layer of security, know I've done my homework on this subject, both good and bad and I keep coming back the norton product line, and basically it comes down to one question is the Norton 360 product line simply the best security suite to put on an IOS operating system, or is there something better out there that I have not found yet, and last but not least is the Norton line of products a excellent fit for a smartphone running an IOS operating system ? Any comments will be appreciated, both good or bad, I appreciate your time in you reading this, and leaving a comment please have a good day and Stay safe. I just remembered something my biggest concern is I got a talented hacker that lives right next door to me, I'm really worried about him getting into this new phone as well, I've already lost a laptop computer a Iphone 6 and a IPhone 11as well as the phone I'm using now which is a samsung Galaxy A11, so I'm looking for the absolute best to install on this phone,
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Re: Is Norton 360 standard good fit for the Iphone 13 pro max

First comment is that malware cannot infect the iOS system, there is no malware protection in Norton 360 on an IOS device. See this article from howtogeek . com for an explanation of why it is not necessary.


There are apps, like Norton, that help with things like keeping you aware of any bad web sites that may be phishing risks, or provide a VPN feature that can protect your personal login information when using a public wifi hotspot.

I'm always curious when a user says their neighbour has hacked their devices. How were you aware that our iPhones had been hacked? As you mentioned iOS devices, an Android device and a PC laptop, the common connection sounds like your local network. Are you using a very strong wifi password, using 15 - 20 random characters with a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters such as  @#$%^&?

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