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My child can deactivate the Norton Familly Extention


I've installed Norton family on my child's computer, however, he can just deactivate the extension to browse normally like Norton family doesn't Exist 
What can I do in that case ? is there any way to prevent the deactivation of the extension? 

Also sometimes, he can browse and search for things not allowed, while Norton family is activated

I need a solution, please 

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Re: My child can deactivate the Norton Familly Extention


Thanks for reaching Norton Family forums.

Norton Family browser extension is a prerequisite for the product to function completely and should not be removed or disabled.
User has privileges on the extensions in their computer and cannot be controlled entirely.
Norton Family also sends out an email when the extension is disabled to have a discussion with your child and re-enable it again.

However, in the event of the extension being removed or disabled by the child, Norton Family offers second layer of protection to safeguard the child as per the Web Supervision house rules configured. When the second layer of protection is enforced, children would see browser specific Internet access block page instead of Norton Family block page.

Norton Family Team

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