finding old software is hard

finding old software is extremely difficult if not impossible here are a few examples Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 2013 | Symantec ( or Email Security Software: Microsoft Exchange Security | Symantec ( im looking for these on ebay or amazon or somewhere on the internet



Re: finding old software is hard

Most of the software programs, utilities, operating systems, and games are only sold for a few years and then phased out by the developer. This discontinuation of sales is usually due to new programs, compatibility issues, or lack of sales. It can make finding older software very difficult for users. However, with the advent of emulators, many old PC and console games are revived on various platforms. The following sections contain several methods of finding older software programs, operating systems, utilities, and games.

Internet search

Try performing searches for the name of the program you are attempting to locate. Often there are obscure retailers that still sell old or out-of-date software. Try searching with Google and Amazon, two of the most likely places to find many programs.

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