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vpn connects and quickly disconnects

Just recently installed Norton 360 and today tried to use the vpn. It connected and immediately disconnected; how to fix?

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Re: vpn connects and quickly disconnects

Turn off auto VPN.


Re: vpn connects and quickly disconnects

Never was on. Still having problem, but my laptop works fine. This is on my desktop computer.


Re: vpn connects and quickly disconnects

I did not just recently install Norton 360. I've had it for YEARS and this problem just suddenly popped up with the VPN which was working prior. In my case, the desktop computer running Windows 8.1 worked but my laptop running Windows 10 did not. It did just as you described: the VPN connected briefly (under a second) and immediately turned off. I did not even get the usual pop-up in the lower right hand corner saying it's 'connecting.' 

I THOUGHT I turned off the auto VPN (or it was already off) yesterday after reading XJOEX's suggestion, but still no luck. I tried various regions and countries and the same behavior was exhibited. I restarted the laptop. Same problem. Turned off the laptop completely and the internet connection last night. Same problem today when I started it up again.

I ran the Windows troubleshooter for programs that says programs worked using older Windows versions (since there was a Windows update on this laptop a few days ago) and since it ran on the Windows 8.1 desktop, I entered that into the troubleshooter to adjust the settings. It didn't seem to fix it when I tested it in the troubleshooter, but I looked at the Norton settings and the Auto VPN was enabled. I do not remember turning it on. I turned it off and now it works as it's supposed to.

I am sorry for the long reply, but maybe something I did had caused the issue to resolve. I also want to thank XJOEX for his solution because it seemed to have worked today. I hope it stays that way.

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Re: vpn connects and quickly disconnects

Primer caso abierto en Norton Caso: 67556242 del 19 Enero 2022 - Sin Resolución - Quedaron que me llamaban del Segundo nivel de soporte y nunca lo hicieron, en Junio cerraron por su cuenta el Caso que estaba SIN RESOLUCION.

Inicié un nuevo Caso, Su ID del caso:70698331 5 Junio 2022  - Sin Resolución

me indican que me van a llamar en 24, 72, 108 hs y que me resuelven el problema,


no hay forma de que solucionen el problema de conectividad, ni cambiando la configuracion de Automàtica, cambiar la regiòn, desinstalar y volver a instalar, es una pèrdida de tiempo.

Muy mal servicio Señores!!!

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