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Hard Drive damaged and irreparable when Norton 360 Installed

When my privacy package was installed on our desktop in December 2021, it locked up our hard drive and erased our data including any passwords to access the system. We attempted to recover the system but it didn't work. We had to initialize the system and start from scratch. This meant we could not install any security except superficial online security due to the inability to access the hard drive with network passwords.

Since December, we have attempted repeatedly to reboot and reload, reboot and reload using the recover feature of the hard drive going back various dates with no success. The hard drive runs but only at a base level and will not let any access or downloading of programs. It will allow simple online access only.

Since March of 2022 or before, on my other devices, presumably covered by this package, I was hacked repeatedly through Social Media and my online research platforms. I have discovered that these OTHER covered devices did not have NORTON coverage. A fact I was not aware of until April, 2022. (Maybe because it was not loaded on the main system, it canceled the other systems? I don't know.)

How did I discover this fact? In April, I realized that my identity had been stolen which I have reported to the FTC, my credit bureaus, and every other credit and financial institution I have the unfortunate luxury to do business with voluntarily and involuntarily at this time. I won't tell you nitty gritty details of that torment, believe me, you don't want to know.

So, now my computer is still damaged; my subscription is expired; I can't afford to buy a new computer or get protection for it anyway; I'm clawing to get my identity back alone; and am more vulnerable than ever before for reasons you can't begin to fathom.

Thanks... a lot.




Re: Hard Drive damaged and irreparable when Norton 360 Installed

My system is now a Windows 8.1.

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