iPhone connection to Sony camera Wi-Fi Access Point

My Sony camera is able to transfer images to an app (Imaging Edge) by creating a secure Wi-Fi access point to which the iPhone can connect.  I am able to establish the connection, but it appears that the Norton 360 VPN blocks image transfer.  I tried turning off VPN in the settings menu of the iPhone, but it won't allow me to turn it off.  Right now the only way I can transfer  the images is to delete Norton 360 from my iPhone.  I am looking for a solution that does not require me to delete Norton 360.

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Re: iPhone connection to Sony camera Wi-Fi Access Point

You cannot turn the VPN function on and off from the iOS Settings. You have to use the controls within the 360 app.

There could be two items here that could be causing this issue. The actual VPN feature, or the Safe Web feature in 360. Both will turn on the VPN icon in the notification area on iOS, because the Safe Web feature has to use the Apple VPN programming API's to provide the feature.

So if you reinstall 360 on the iPhone, from the 360 interface, check the VPN section to see if the VPN is actually turned on. It is off by default.

If the VPN is off, try turning off Safe Web in the Internet Security section. Then test your connection. 

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