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Legitimate mails marked as junk issue


macOS Monterey 12.4 latest on Apple Mac M1 2020, O365 latest and using Outlook 365 Mac client 16.63 for mail, Norton 360 Deluxe. No other AV or Malware tools are installed on the Mac. 

After installing Norton 360, a lot of my corporate broadcasted emails and internal and external (legitimate) emails are landing up in the junk folder. Marking them as "Not Spam" moves them to the inbox but then a few seconds later they are back in the junk folder. Adding these addresses to my contact list has no effect. 

Norton360 documentation and resources on the web indicate configuring the Norton360 Settings/Anti-spam but the Mac version seems to be missing this setting. I also don't see any third-party plugin or such under Outlook

Deinstalling Norton360 removes the above issue and previously junk mail I marked as not Spam, stays in the inbox. So it points to Norton doing something or not understanding when Outlook mails are marked as not spam. 

Any suggestions to fix these false positives?