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The WORST Customer Service I have EVER Experienced

So after an hour of complete hell and requesting that a complaint be escalated, I was given the link to this page to put in a complaint. Sorry but they offer absolutely Zero Customer Care at Norton, ZERO. I have never been so angry in my life as I am, especially with the Sales Department, who are going to end up being the loss of sales department if my complaint is not heard/escalated by management within 24 hours. They bug you 24/7 with pop-ups suggesting add-ons, makes you wonder what Norton Standard covers if anything really and is so much more expensive than competitors if you go like for like. The Sales and IT Department management need the right act read to them for allowing such bad customer service/care. Kate the Computer can't do anything outside the box and the only way to speak to someone is to start getting annoyed, well hoping it picks up how annoyed you are as took an hour to speak to a human being. As for the Sales Department, they are more like the lost revenue department. Never been so angry in my life, then to be sent here to put in an escalated complaint, which is NOT what the forums are about as is not for Management but Customers. 



Re: The WORST Customer Service I have EVER Experienced

We'll try to call attention:

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