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Can a MS patch be hijacked by an external user?

On August 5th, my wife visited a web site that Norton 360 immediately flagged as a bad site.  She promptly exited the site and cleared the browsing history.   Within 30 minutes of this incident, I ran multiple Norton 360 virus scans and no penetrations were revealed.  About 60 minutes later, the windows 10 update manager notified us that a patch KB5015807 (OS Builds 19042.1826, 19043.1826, and 19044.1826) was ready to be installed.  I looked at the Windows update version history and found this patch had been installed on July 13th, 2022. 


  1. Is there any reason to be concerned that an external user hijacked the windows update process with a virus?
  2. Is it normal to receive the same OS patch from MS twice?

I have paused windows updates for 7 days.  Do I have any reason to be concerned about reapplying this OS patch?

Thanks.  George