Dark Webb Monitoring

The DARK WEB MONITORING allows to enter personal data such as:

Email addresses (up to 5)
Phone numbers (up to 5)
Credit card numbers (up to 10)
Gamer tags (up to 10)
Insurance ID numbers (up to 5)
Addresses (up to 5)
Bank or investment account numbers (up to 10)
Driver's license number
Mother's maiden name
Social security number*
Date of birth*

In my view, at least two Driver's License numbers should be entered as personal data for monitoring.  For instance, my wife and I have a joint Bank Account for which we had to provide our driver's license numbers; each of our debit cards has our names on it and are linked to our driver's license numbers. Our auto insurance policy coves two cars and both our driver's license numbers are included as ID's in the policy. The same applies to our credit card account: each of us has a credit card with our respective names on them, and each card is tied to the respective name on the credit card. 


Accepted Solution

Re: Dark Webb Monitoring

I believe that this feature was set up to protect the account holder's information, as indicated by the protection for Social Security Number and Date of Birth, and Name also having only one entry allowed.

If you want comprehensive family protection, maybe you need a full credit monitoring service.

Having said that, this might be a good suggestion for the Product Suggestions board

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