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On Norton Family, the iOS phone is running the VPN and websites are being blocked (site content is the only restriction I have set). It worked initially and I saw activity, but now it's not showing any activity in the last 10 days. I have tested blocked sites, so those tests at least should be showing up. (The sites are still being blocked.) I have uninstalled and disconnected from the VPN, then reinstalled and reconnected but to no avail. How can I see web activity again?

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Re: Showing no activity

Hi @csm6vrp586

Thank you for reaching out to the Norton Family forum.

Activities generated in child app will be sent in batches as we collect the data for a certain period of time (in minutes) and send it to the server except for a few critical alerts(such as when child sends a message from block page, requesting for site access or request for a time extension to avoid curfew) which are sent immediately.

Alerts or activities originating from other apps like chrome or safari will be sent to the server once the Norton Family child app is launched. Please try launching the Child app to see if activities are received.

Thanks and Regards,
Norton Family team.

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