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Norton Utilities Premium key is not been accepted

Is it me?!!  Look, i have used Norton for 10+ years.  I trust its reputation for protecting my devices and for the best part of that time, have allowed it to work in the background. After a recent renewal i am now left completely frustrated.

Everything seems completely counterintuitive.  In the first instance, 'Utilities Premium' i have just downloaded on to my lap top; so why isn't the icon on my machine displaying 'Utilities Premium' instead, it displays the old 'Utilities' icon leaving me confused as to whether the old version has been updated?  Apparently, at some stage 'Utilities' was given to me free , so when i downloaded earlier that day, i received requests for key codes.  I obliged by adding my new subscription key code.. the code was not accepted.  It turns out i need a new separate subscription ...... hello..... why didn't my renewal notification recognise this.  Why didn't the request for the provided key code, simply say that the code was not accepted as it did not include a subscription for this service??  Instead, i followed the advise on the help page and uninstalled and then reinstalled to the same effect.  Incidentally. when i spoke to your help desk and complained how i had wasted time with this issue they said that because i am a long standing customer I could have 'Utilities Premium' for free, i saw no evidence of this and ended up paying for it.

Why, when doing a download does it tell me to use 'Ctrl J' to reveal downloads and 'follow instructions', while at the same time a yellow pointer directs me at the downloads on the windows microsoft edge bar? 

The 'password manager' icon on my iphone changes. I click it, and it now asks me for a password that i don't have as i normally use my finger print.  It takes me down a rabbit hole using an assumed username  that unfortunately relates to a legacy account (don't get me started on that one..... but legacy accounts are unresolved issues that i need to resolve!!)

'Install protection on my device' in 'My Subscription' even though it is telling me on the portal that my device is protected! Again, another potential rabbit hole of eternal confusion.

The user interface is appalling!  Does Norton ever send out real people to talk with real users???

I have come to the conclusion that virus protection (and it's derivatives) is a discipline that has only one direction of travel that always relies on the capability of legacy intelligence working with the new intelligence.  However, user interfaces rely on the replacement of the legacy with new: so if you sell a product with a new name, everything associated with the new name should be tied in.

I am quite sure Norton understand the threats to my computer, I'm not so sure they understand the user experience. 

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