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iPhone battery drained by Norton

Since installing the last apple update my iPhone battery drains within a couple of hours.  It’s health is shown at 90% so it’s not exhausted but over 60% usage is Norton.  How do I stop this please?


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Re: iPhone battery drained by Norton

Which iPhone are you using? 

A quick search shows many hits for iOS 15.6.1 battery drain. I had issues with an older iPhone 6s and the only resolution was to hope that the next iOS update fixed the issue.

The 60% usage is not necessarily unusual for a security app, as the app has to run in the background to monitor all activity. Every app or website opened will have to be scanned for issues.

In the mean time, you can manually set your phone into Low Power Mode. That helped a lot when I was seeing the battery drain issues. You will have to set this after each full charge as it gets turned off when your charge reaches 80%.

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