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Sort/search results in password manager auto-fill screen

When the auto-fill choices pop up on a login page it can be difficult to find the desired login if you have many that might apply. In my case as a webmaster I have multiple logins for several services (PayPal, cPanel, Google, etc.) and when I have to scroll through several pages looking for the correct account it can take a while, and is also easy to click the wrong one.

It would be good to have the logins SORTED (they appear to be random now, not sorted by login, nor recently used, nor recently added). Sorting should have the option to sort by username, or most recently added, or most recently used.

It would also help a LOT to have a SEARCH box that we could start to type in the username and have it search for that string anywhere in a username, so we could narrow it to just a few logins.