I need to turn off backup, but I am not seeing the option in settings

I asked how to turn off backup. 

One response "create a new set" - this is less than helpful

One response " turn off via settings" - my version does not have an off option or I would not be asking.

I use Toolkit from Seagate to backup up to 1 Tb of data. Currently 400+ Gb which blows the 250(?) Cloud allowance. Having selected a reduced set i.e. only contacts initially still got "insufficient space". Now backup up Ok but "Data at risk" appears in green! Norton 360 backup duplicates my tries and trusted product. It is an irritant and in any event seems less than efficient. SO HOW DO I TURN IT OFF! 

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Re: I need to turn off backup, but I am not seeing the option in settings

First thing is you need to be logged into a Windows Admin account to access Norton Settings.

All Norton 360 products have Settings available from the classic interface. If you have the new My Norton interface showing, click on Open beside Device Security. That will open the classic interface. From there the Settings are at the top right of the screen. Click on that and you will see Quick Controls on the right side where you can uncheck the Backup and Backup Overlay settings.

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