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Managing dark web monitoring results

I have dark web monitoring setup for my email address and other things that can be monitored.  I got an alert today that said some of my info was on the dark web.  However, when I logged in there was nothing new.  I did have a few notifications that said that some of my very old email passwords had been compromised but they were from 2020 and 2021 not anything new.  I looked for a way to remove these old alerts but found nothing.  I tried the chat robot and it said that once each alert had been opened it would go into the archived alert section so I opened each one and browsed the alert but when I closed each of them nothing appeared to have changed.  So my question is how do I really get rid of these old alerts so I don't get notified of an alert when, in fact, there is no current alert?

Thématiques: Alerts/Notifications