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After upgrading to the latest version of Norton 360, I am having several issues with Windows and Smartscan is been locked

Case# [Removed]; Starting on or about August 10, 2022 (Microsoft Update Day) N360,, and has had software issues with Session1 Legacy GUI exceptions leading to N360 restart, and Smart Scan Deadlocks. Windows 11 Professional NT BUILD: 22000.856.1.7 Version 21H2. I have user-mode dumps, and trace captures of failures that lead to: HRESULT 0x00000102 WAIT TIMEOUTS for Mutants, !locks, Semaphores, GDI Semaphores GSem possible d2d1!ChunkAllocator, and IoCo waits blocking MUTANT holding threads, including HRESULT 0x00000106 STATUS_NOT_ALL_ASSIGNED. The Smart Scan deadlock is easily recreatable and easily recognizable as the GUI renders, but there is No Scanned Object Progress Count, and no progress in the scan. Nuperfscan runs, but exits, and leaves the Session0/Session1 processes, and Session1 child processes NSc.exe running (Scandium). There has been known Scandium debugging that has occured on my desktop, and of course there is SQDMPS in the SILO that I have ensured are PUSHED real-time to Norton/Broadcom/Symantec via Task Scheduler. These two (2) issues are chronic at multiple releases of N360 with LifeLock Ultimate, and I am sure that Norton engineers are working the issues. There is NO IMPACT to my work on the desktop other than the N360 restarts, and the DEADLOCKED Smart Scan, but I had difficulty with reaching Norton Technical Support due to some issue with the Virtual Assistant. The components involved appear to be: NSc.exe, SymHTML.dll, NScclt.dll, NPCTray.dll, Tp call-backs, and MUTANTs, Semaphores, and IoCo (IO Completion Ports). Further interesting were issues preceding these issues such as Norton NTSTATUS 0xc0000374 Heap Corruption, and followed by Microsoft BugCheck 0x13a Kernel Heap Corruption not 24 hours after Microsoft Update Day (08/10/2022). The Norton N360 HEAP CORRUPTION (a total of two), are now gone, and all that is left are the issues reported, herein. Thank you for your attention to this matter. User-Mode Dumps, and Kernel-Dumps to include workspaces are available upon request. To RECREATE the Smart Scan Deadlock, simply launch a Quick Scan followed by a Smart Scan. 

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