360 Lock up after Mac transfer

I though I'd successfully automatically transferred all my programs and settings from an old Macbook Air onto a new Macbook Pro 2022.

When I came to click on the Norton 360 icon I got a message to say Rosetta needed to be installed for the Norton installation to be completed. I clicked OK and that is when everything went wrong.

A large number of windows then opened on top of each other, mainly about extensions, but the top one was "RimAlbumArtDaemon will damage your computer". There is an "OK" button and "Show in Finder" to press. OK does nothing.

There is now no way to close that window even after rebooting. There is also another window saying the computer is at risk as the Norton 360 installation hasn't been completed. So I'm completely stuck with the laptop basically unusable.

Can anyone help 

a) to get rid of all these warning messages and give me back control of my laptop.

b) give me the solution of getting Norton 360 fully working.

The only good news I can offer is I took a complete backup via Time Machine of the macbook before I clicked on any Norton360 icon.

OS is Monterey 12.5.1

Many thanks.

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Accepted Solution

Re: 360 Lock up after Mac transfer

When transferring like that, a security program on Mac will not budge... Try uninstall via RMAC: , then re-install via your Norton Account.

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