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Have I been hacked?

I have noticed that I have different screen icons for Norton 360.  The one in question especially the one has a black check mark then a yellow area inside a black circle and then a yellow outer area.  This is on the computer.  The one on the ipad is different.  Confused!  Also too is that the program is saying I need like 14 updates.  Thanks!

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Re: Have I been hacked?

Please run Norton LiveUpdate until no updates + Restart (not Shut down) machine.  Repeat.

Please turn off Windows Fast Startup. W10 [here] W11 [here]. 
Please turn off Hibernate.   
After Windows Updates - confirm Windows Fast Startup & Hibernate are off. 


I imagine you're noticing new Norton Security/360 user interface update/appearance.

Norton Security/360 UI had an update/refresh appearance. 

‘Run Smart Scan’ option is provided in classic UI and toasters

Norton Security for Windows is now available!

Norton Security for Windows is now available!

Norton Security for Windows is now available!


Re: Have I been hacked?

What is your Norton protection product? 
What is your geo-location/country? 

Norton product entitlements/features may vary by product/by location. 


FWIW ~ my Norton 360 - Classic view

FWIW ~ my Norton 360 - My Norton view

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