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Browsers cannot reach internet sites

      Google    CLOUD FLAIR   is the reason that anyone can not reach the internet with a secure connection.

Only Avast Secure Browser can get out to the internet again.   I had to un install my Norton 360 software and install it on a new computer.   

      Black Listed by Cloud Flair after they did not like the sincere information sent to them via email.

I made myself an account at Cloud Flair, but not able to have them take off the hex.

      A new computer works, until you tell someone a sincere message that they needed to know sincerely. 

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Re: Browsers cannot reach internet sites

If you are getting Cloudflare messages, it is probably related to your DNS settings.  Have you set up your own DNS settings in your router or computer, or are you just using your ISP's default DNS?

The Cloudflare services can provide filtering features to block adult, hate and many other material. 

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