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VPN "connecting" and Software Updater Not Updating

I need help with two problems I am having for the past few weeks with Norton 360.

A. Norton VPN on a Dell Inspiron 7000 is stuck in “connecting”.  Has been for weeks. I have verified internet connection and the other meta suggestions. 

I tried the detailed fix described in “Fix problem with Norton Secure VPN window staying at "Connecting’" on this Norton help page. The instructions do not match what I see on my screen when I try them. Various interpretations of the instructions I tried all do nothing.

Here are the instructions copied from the Norton help page with my related issues:

Restart Norton Secure VPN on Windows

  1. Open Norton Secure VPN.

There is no “open Norton VPN” command, button or menu entry anywhere on any window that I can open on Norton. There is a VPN turn on/turn off button on My Norton window. But it does not do anything.

  1. In the top-right corner, click the user icon, and click Sign out.

There is no person silhouette icon on the Norton Security window, nor on the My Norton window. There is a literal sign in/sign out menu.

  1. Click the settings icon and click Quit Norton Secure VPN.

After I literally sign out and select the settings icon on Norton Security window there is no quit Norton Secure VPN command anywhere. There are no commands at all. Just a listing of setting categories, none of which have anything to do with VPN. If I use the settings icon on My Norton window there is a VPN item in the menu but selecting that item gets me to auto VPN controls, but no ability to actually turn VPN on or off.

  1. Restart your device.

Never get this far per Norton help instructions but I have restarted device anyway with no effect on VPN problem.

  1. Open Norton Secure VPN and sign in using your account.

No help at all.

Perhaps Norton should update the relevant help page once in a while?

B. Norton Smart Scan window for Software Updater will not update two programs.

It says Dell Support/Assist - manual update required. I did it. Through Dell. It is updated. Twice. But Software Updater says update not detected. Been this way for three weeks. 

Software Updater also says Microsoft Access (2CR) - manual update required. Actually, it cycles between manual update required and update not detected. Been this way for three weeks. I do have all current updates from Microsoft.

Useful help will be appreciated.




Re: VPN "connecting" and Software Updater Not Updating

As far as the Software Updater goes it has problems updating with many programs.

My advice is to exclude those programs you mentioned from the updater. I myself have about 10 programs I have excluded since I ran into problems with version numbers and updates.

Actually, all Microsoft programs are better handled thru Windows Update than any other software updater.


Re: VPN "connecting" and Software Updater Not Updating

Thnx. You are probably correct regarding excluding some programs. But Software Updater had no problems with these two programs, nor any others for that matter, until a couple of weeks ago. Makes me wonder what changed in Software Updater. 


Re: VPN "connecting" and Software Updater Not Updating

Software Updater is NOT a mature function within the Norton suites in its current form. Given Windows 11 itself is a major work in progress I wouldn't trust SU on that platform. The professional recommendation I can give regarding SU, is relatively simple. DON'T USE IT!! Your computer could be rendered not bootable and you'd not know what caused it until after the fact. Always use updates from the OEM of each software/hardware manufacturer as a rule of thumb. And backup regularly.

You also stated you have a Dell Inspiron 7000, what is the actual full model ALSO the full build of Windows 11? 


MS Certified Professional : Windows 11 Home/Pro 23H2 x 64 build 22631.2792 / Windows 10 Pro x 64 version 22H2 / build 19045.3758 / Norton Security Ultra - Norton 360 Deluxe ver. / Opera GX LVL5 (core: 104.0.4944.70) 64 bit-Early Access w/Norton Chrome Extensions / Android 14 One UI 6.1

Re: VPN "connecting" and Software Updater Not Updating

Inspiron 17 7000 2 in 1 Whatever the latest and greatest Windows 11 is. Updated it 2 days ago.

Re: VPN "connecting" and Software Updater Not Updating

This is curious - Norton VPN has started connecting. All on its own.  I haven't done anything in particular. Except, after logging onto laptop this morning and selecting a Live Update. Hopefully this self-correction will last...  Maybe someone fixed something inside Norton? 

Oh, a suggestion to try contained in a private email from Gayathri_R has eliminated the software update error messages.

Thnx to everyone!

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