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Norton 360 for iOS Battery excess drain

Everything was working after upgrading to the latest iOS. Then Norton updated there software, Oct-2022, and since it is running 'Background Activity' all the time; draining roughly 3%. When I make a call, not using `vpn', it drains even more. I had this problem 6 months ago, then it was solved with a new update from Norton. PLEASE SEND AN UPDATE



Re: Norton 360 for iOS Battery excess drain

Looking back on your previous issues, this post brings up a couple of questions that I seem to have missed at the time.

Are you still installing both the standalone Norton Secure VPN app and the Norton 360 app? You should only install 360 and use the VPN feature in that app. Having both might cause some unusual behaviour.

Step:7 - Switch your iPhone 'on', outside, where you are using your data plan and not a Wi-Fi connection.  You should see at the top in a box 'VPN'.  This means everything is working.

The VPN icon in the iOS notification area is used for both the actual VPN feature and the Safe Web feature under Device Security.That is because Norton uses the iOS VPN Api's to provide the Safe Web function. Apparently that is the only way they could get around the very tightly controlled iOS.  It is the same icon and as long as you have set up Safe Web to run, there is no way to determine whether the actual VPN is running without checking in the 360 app.

I still do not understand what you feel Norton is doing while you make a phone call. There is nothing to scan there. And for your current battery use issues, if you want to help move things along a little quicker, you can send logs to Norton to help diagnose your problem.

Start by opening iOS settings on your device and scroll down to the bottom where the apps are listed. Tap on the Norton  360 app and tap to Enable Debug Log.  

Now use your device until it causes the issue you are having. Then open the 360 app and tap on the three bars at the top left, then tap Help. Tap on Send Error Report and fill in any information requested. In your submission, please include "forum 'your username' " in the Case ID section of the report. Also include a link to this thread. 


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