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Norton family - can't get on internet

Hi there,

I have tried installing Norton Family on my new laptop (setting up as a "child") but afterwards I can no longer access the internet. Strangely, the Norton Family browser extension didn't automatically install, and I had to do this manually.

Once installed, I can't then uninstall the product - the window just says "Initialising" but does nothing, I suspect because it needs an internet connection.

I think the problem is to do with my Antivirus/firewall, as disabling this seems to cause the internet to work again (although not always!).

Has anyone else experienced these issues?

My antivirus/firewall is ESET Internet Security, which was installed by my IT Consultant.





Re: Norton family - can't get on internet

Hi chrisswinburn,

Thanks for reaching out to Norton Family forum. 

The functionality of the Norton Family will be disrupted when it is used along with third-party security products as mentioned here.

We would recommend you to install Norton Security along with Norton Family instead of other third-party security products.

Norton Family Team

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