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Zip code show on uk Norton 360 identity the dark web app


despite problem adding my contact address there I’m getting the u.s. zip code, but I have made the complaint to the app developer because when I insert the uk post code as I getting a error message it’s said incorrect zip code. Have tried to get it right on all iOS device & the main window desktop computer this is remain the same problem to no avail.

a friend of mine said that in United State there a city called Darling, but in the uk city is Darlington uk and why is both Norton 360 & the identity app has the U.S. zip code that all the device language & region are all set to United Kingdom.

I am sure there is a issue with Norton identity that there should have uk postcode & not the United state zip code that I just cannot get it right at all it is so very difficult to add the uk post code due I think there is still got an issue on the app which the app developer should fix the fault asap or I will terminate my Norton subscription unless the fault have been fixed asap?



Re: Zip code show on uk Norton 360 identity the dark web app

Norton should be aware regarding UK addresses. 

Dark Web Monitoring - UK Address
I am not in the UK and cannot help with your issue outside of saying that I read many posts going back at least one year where the same problem was brought up by several UK posters. Looks like no changes may have been made to alleviate the problem.
If you search this forum, you will probably find some of those posts.


Dark web monitoring - does it accept UK address?
I am a Norton360 Premium subscriber living in the UK.  Norton have asked me to set up dark web monitoring. I find that it will only accept a US address and regards my UK details as invalid. 


Input data for Dark Web
I cannot enter a UK address (there is no provision to enter an English County) for Dark Web monitoring. Asks for a valid Zip Code. Using Windows 10 Microsoft Edge. Have tried Chrome and Internet Explorer at the suggestion of Norton without success!


Norton documentations reports UK addresses are monitored.

Learn more about the types of personal information monitored by Norton Dark Web Monitoring
Types of personal information that we monitor depend on your country of residence and choice of plan. For more information, read List of personal information monitored by country.


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