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macOS Big Sur won't shutdown with Norton 360 scans enabled

I'm running macOS Big Sur 11.7.1 on an older Mac that has only a SATA SSD (no NVMe SSD) and have recently installed Norton 360 8.8.1.  More often than not, when I have Norton 360 Idle Scans and Automatic Scans enabled, macOS Big Sur will not shutdown.  Sometimes, I will have a successful shutdown if I perform a quick scan immediately before shutting down macOS.  It appears as though Norton 360 is performing a scan at shutdown and is not getting the shutdown event notification, so my Mac just hangs.  When my Mac hangs at shutdown, the screen shows a blank background screen with only the cursor displayed and nothing else (no icons, no menu bar, no doc or anything else are displayed).  The cursor is still active, as it moves when I move my mouse.

If I disable Norton Idle Scans and Automatic Scans, my Mac shuts down properly every time.

There are no error message displayed.

To reproduce this issue, install Norton 360 8.8.1 on a Mac running Big Sur 11.7.1.  My Mac has only a SATA SSD (no NVMe SSD).  Make sure that Idle Scans and Automatic Scans are enabled.  Attempt to shutdown.  Repeat the test multiple times, since there are rare occasions when the Mac does shutdown with Idle Scans and Automatic Scans enabled.

The only way to shutdown when this problem occurs is to press and hold the power button to force shutdown.

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