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Hello, I have an issue with infected files on my laptop. I've been receiving junk mail from a bot daily, with an email address ending in, in my inbox. I have an up-to-date laptop. I scanned my laptop using Windows Defender, Malicious Software Removal Tool, & Safety Scanner before I decided on purchasing Norton 360 Standard Plus. The Microsoft Safety Scanner found infected files, but did not remove them, and at the end of the scan it stated, "0 files infected". I scanned my laptop with the Norton Smart scan which found nothing, then I rescanned using the Microsoft Safety Scanner, which showed the same results, up to 13 files infected while scanning, but at the end of the scan it showed "0 files infected" once again. Is there another scanner I can use to clean my laptop of infected files, viruses and malware? I though my issues would be resolved after scanning using Norton, but I'm still having issues. I'm no expert, or my issues would be resolved. Thank you in advance.


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Re: Files Infected

as for the emails could be a phishing type or malicious email ( many forms of those) if you havent clicked on any attatchments or files in those emails be less a issue for you.

i would report those ( full header get ip and report)

as for the files microsoft is detecting or says it found is another issue, they could be false positives

according to several sites and testing sites microsoft is good in some areas and worse in others in regards to protection

if norton ( up todate ) shows no infections than thats a good sign ( full scan option)

personally i would do the full scan with norton , there is a power eraser ( scans in middle option)

that can be tricky to understand thats kinda a last resort in my opinion

i would stick to only one antivirus program ( norton ) as having others can cause conflicts or issues


Re: Files Infected

Thank you 9wood, I forgot to mention that I used the Norton Power Eraser as well. I've been reporting the emails, I didn't click on links or other associated with them. Between the emails, false report of infected files and being hit with multiple locations of unsuccessful sign-in attempts on my Microsoft account, I'll stick with Norton and speak with someone about the emails. 

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